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Silver Dental Fillings in Gungahlin

Silver Fillings at Shine Dentists, GungahlinThough white fillings have become more commonplace, silver fillings are often preferred because of their durability and affordability. Both options are available to you at Shine Dentists, Gungahlin. We believe it’s important that you’re aware of the disadvantages of silver filling, which are

  • More noticeable since they don’t match natural teeth
  • Mercury content (please discuss this with your dentist)
  • Amalgam contracts and expands with temperature, which may weaken tooth
  • Colouring may leach into the tooth, leaving a blue-gray shade that can’t be removed

Receiving Your Amalgam Filling

If you choose to have a silver filling, your dentist will start by administering a local anaesthetic that numbs the area. Your tooth is cleaned, then shaped to fit the filling. A band may be used around the tooth to hold the filling while it’s put in place. Then, it’s carved into the correct shape. To set fully, 24 hours is required.

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