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Dental Bonding in Gungahlin

Bonding at Shine Dentists, GungahlinLet Shine Dentists, Gungahlin repair chipped, cracked or discoloured teeth, close gaps and reshape teeth and replace silver amalgam fillings with dental bonding, also known as composite bonding. It’s been in use for many years and is an effective, conservative cosmetic option. Minimum alternation is required to your tooth enamel and is even reversible while offering immediate results that match your surrounding teeth.

Beginning Your Bonding Procedure

First, a local anaesthetic is applied to numb the area, though not all bonding procedures will require it. A rubber dam is used to isolate the tooth and keep it dry. It’s then cleaned and prepared with a gel that roughens tooth surface. The bonding agent is painted onto the tooth and set with an ultraviolet light. The composite material is spread on in layers and set with the light until the desired shape has been reached. Finally, the restoration is polished to a smooth, beautiful finish.

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